Blocked Drain

Do you have a blocked drain? Plumber Expert Services can deal with all aspects of drain maintenance, blocked drains or emergency drain repair. We provide a complete range of options for all types of drain problems. All our staff are fully trained, to make sure that all our services are performed to the best possible standard.


All families understand the significance of keeping the bathroom and kitchen sinks clean and tidy. Those are the areas of the house which get a lot of everyday use and, consequently, are inclined to get dirty very quickly. With regard to the kitchen sinks, this builds up quickly due to the amount of activity from scrubbing pots and pans as well as other items. With each family member also making regular use of the bathroom sink to brush their teeth, wash and shave, chances are that every so often you’re likely to run into a blocked drain. Blocked drains can be a pain – they can produce unpleasant odors and cause flooding. However, they don’t have to be difficult to fix. In reality, cleaning blocked drains is usually hassle-free.

We’re happy to assist with getting the issue sorted. The fastest way is to call us for a chat, this way we can explain what needs to be done in detail. We prioritise all calls and will aim to get to you without delay. Whenever you call us to report a blocked drain, we will always try to inform you when we will be able to get to you in case it changes we’ll always keep you up to date.

With years of experience, we are trusted by domestic and commercial customers when it comes to blocked drains. We are focused on customer service and will bring the same high standards of service to tackle your blocked drain problem. If you have any questions call us today.

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