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Regardless of whether you need your boiler serviced or repaired, Plumber Expert Services is all about attention to detail. With the assistance of one of our experienced plumbers in Cork, you can be guaranteed a fast, no-fuss service which will keep your gas boiler operating at peak condition. All of our staff are registered and have many years practical experience dealing with boilers of all makes and models. They’re able to respond quickly to any gas boiler-related emergency; correctly diagnose the issue and carry out a thorough gas boiler service which will solve the problem once and for all.

When servicing your gas boiler, we always try to help you preserve a healthy, safe and effective gas boiler which has been carefully tested to guarantee it is working correctly.


Why Get Your Gas Boiler Serviced?

The value of having your gas boiler serviced on a regular basis cannot be overlooked. You ought to have your boiler serviced once every twelve months by an experienced professional. This will help to avoid problems and costly repairs further down the road. A badly working boiler might not be obvious straight away, however issues can soon begin to occur. You might notice that your water is not being heated up properly, or as fast as it used to be. You may even begin to see water leakage, or perhaps an increase your gas usage.

When a gas boiler isn’t installed, preserved or ventilated correctly it could start to create carbon monoxide, a harmful gas. The implications of this could be life threatening, therefore it’s necessary to have your boiler examined regularly to prevent such problems developing. In the event you’re a landlord, a yearly gas boiler service is the law for every property which you own. The advantages of a fully operating boiler is a home which is heated quickly and efficiently; a decrease in your heating expenses as well as money saved from needless repairs

If you need a gas boiler service or a boiler repair in Cork, we are able to be there either without delay or at a time that suits you. Call us today to arrange an appointment.

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