Hemera Heating System

We are delighted to announce a new and innovative way to heat your water

Hemera Cylinder CorkThe Hemera heating system is probably the most effective way to produce hot water. The cylinder utilizes air which is generally wasted to create an abundance of hot water. The Hemera cylinder is a necessity for any home, brand new build or retrofit

The Hemera heating system can hold a consistent amount of hot water at a set temperature regardless of external weather conditions. The water temperature could be fixed at up to 60’C with the surface of tank temperature frequently surpassing this because of stratification. The Hemera cylinder does not need back up from central heating boilers or any other heat sources. The system needs hardly any servicing and includes a 5-year guarantee.



  • This Hemera Cylinder is exclusively created for the Irish climate.
  • If you use the Hemera heating system you will never need Gas, Oil or Solid Fuel to heat up your water again.
  • The Hemera may be used in commercial or domestic properties.
  • Standard operating expenses of 41cent per day.


  • The Hemera Cylinder in an all in one unit which directly replaces your existing cylinder.
  • All of the present piping is attached to the unit.
  • Two ducts are then run into and out of the unit.
  • The Cylinder is then started up and functional right away


The Hemera Cylinder is perfect for retrofitting and installation right into a new build system. The Hemera Heating Cylinder will effortlessly produce all the hot water needed for a household. Additionally, the Hemera Cylinder has several commercial applications no matter what size of the unit.

The information below represents the level of water the Hemera System will convert to 55’C hourly with an inlet temperature of water of 10’C. Although these statistics are impressive by themselves, the real-life result can be much greater.

Hemera Cylinder

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