Oil Boiler Service Cork

Why You Need a regular Oil Boiler Service


Having your oil boiler serviced regularly will keep it working more efficiently which in turn ensures that you use much less fuel in the long term. This will ultimately save you money. The majority of oil boiler manufacturers advise that a full oil boiler home heating service is performed annually. This will help prevent potential carbon build-up and expensive breakdowns. This is additionally important from a safety point of view, since the boiler will be checked for leaks, damage and deadly carbon monoxide emission levels during a service, helping to keep your home safe from this deadly killer.


Oil Boiler Service Checklist

Plumber Expert Services Cork, offer a full oil boiler maintenance and safety check service. A yearly boiler service, carried out by an experienced professional ensures that your boiler will continue to run properly.

Regular servicing of your oil boiler makes sure that the boiler is operating to the requirements of the boiler manufacturer. This will help to extend the life of your boiler and minimize the potential risk of faults and costly repairs later in the oil boilers life.

Plumber Expert Services will carry out an in depth service, which will consist of; inspection of the piping, ventilation and clearances etc. The boiler will then be examined, cleaned and put back together. The operation of your oil boiler function will also be assessed for safe and proper operation. We will lastly perform a combustion efficiency examination to make sure that the boiler is working at its maximum performance levels.


Fixing an Oil Boilers:

We’re also readily available for a fast response to attend oil boiler failures. Upon arrival the boiler is examined and once the issue has been discovered we will replace any faulty parts. We stock a huge selection of spare parts and have access to 24 hour delivery on all parts and burners. The purpose of any oil boiler service is always to get the boilers back up and running within a few hours.

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